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The Ritual
Adam Nevill
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John Brockman
The Ritual - Adam Nevill

I have never really read or gotten into any horror books until this one.  I like it so far but I feel like it is going to be a very predictable book.  The story begins when four friends venture out into Scandinavia for a friendship reunion hike.  There is foreshadowing all throughout the first chapters when it is stated that two of the friends are in awful physical shape and injured.  Next thing you know,  one of the guys suggests taking a short cut through the thick, dense, virgin forest that no one has ventured into before!!!  What a fantastic idea, right??  I mean have these people not ever seen a horror film?  You do NOT just take a short cut through the virgin forest when two of your friends can't even walk properly.  Needless to say, they take the short cut.  What happens two chapters later?  They get lost.  They stay lost.  They come across some spooky findings in the woods that lead them deeper and deeper into the forest that is practically impossible to navigate.  They are still lost and I am on page 183.  I don't think anyone is going to make it out alive at the rate that they are going.  I like the book and it is kind of suspenseful. It is definitely not what I was looking for in my first horror book experience and it has been predictable so far but I will see what the upcoming chapters will bring.  Hopefully something rather spooky!