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The Ritual
Adam Nevill
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John Brockman

Ummmm... What?

The Ritual - Adam Nevill

All of the main character's friends died off right away and now we are left with just Luke.  The book was very predictable in that regard but then it took a really weird turn.  Luke struggled to get out of the forest and got a head injury in the process.  Part One of the book ends with Luke slipping slowly out of consciousness and hearing mysterious voices.  Part Two starts with Luke waking up in a weird room surrounded by weird people.  We soon learn that these people are teens who are involved in making sacrifices to the supposed beast of the forest. Spooky.  In my opinion the book was not very scary and it was definitely one of the weirdest books that I have ever read.  I do not know if I am a fan of it but I will finish it and judge from there, I guess.