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Wild entry 2

Reblogged from graceiverson:

Since I last blogged about Wild, Cheryl has pretty much kept on hiking. She's had more setbacks. For starters. her hiking shoes turned out to be a size too small and the constant pressure put on her feet caused them to become sore, calloused, and most of her toenails have fallen off. Cheryl had to bypass a large section of the PCT in California because of heavy snowfall and instead she's going to hike throughout Oregon. When she reached a town called Ashland in Oregon, she decided to stay and enjoy city life for a couple of days. Cheryl partied for a while in Ashland with a guy named Johnathon who I thought was cool because he was described wearing a Wilco t-shirt, and I like Wilco. Where I'm at right now, it's her dead mother's birthday so she's reliving all of the pain and anger that goes along with her mother's death. It's devastating to read and it makes me appreciate my own mother more. (Side note, my mom is the coolest).